How we Work

How We Work

BigBamboo is a collection of companies created by entrepreneurial guru and Founder – Stephen Meade. It is not a company itself, but instead operates as a mini-incubator, where brilliant ideas are developed, matured, and built into companies which are brought to market.

BigBamboo believes in the power of the network – the relationship, needs, connections, and opportunities of like-minded, successful people.

Currency, in this sense, is earned through the value of the relationships within the network. That “value” has to operate both ways, in that it is not all one sided, respectively and professionally.

You may have heard the term – WIFM – What’s in it for ME.

We believe in a different philosophy. WIFU/WIFM – What’s in it for YOU, then…What’s in it for ME! Similar to a principal from Stephen Covey’s top selling book “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”, habit #5 – Seek first to understand – then be understood.

If you seek out the wants, needs, and desires of the other party first, you can more easily establish a mutual ground of benefit, therefore bringing about contacts, talent and finances to market ideas.

In that sense, BigBamboo operates less like a traditional VC (venture capitalist), in that the value is the currency, but more like a Relationship VC – where the value of capital exists in the network of contacts, relationships, partnerships and business ventures.

To that end, each company is created with its own advisory board and management team. Advisors are first recruited to find out why an idea “won’t work”. From there, if it is determined there may be a market opportunity, a company is created and funding and management are sought out. This means there is often an opportunity for entrepreneurs, executives, investors, or interested parties to become involved in one or more of the ideas and help bring that company to fruition.

The companies each operate independently and range in scope from mobile advertising and transaction processing, to enterprise software and fashion.

The Goal of BigBamboo is to create companies that fill a “gap” in an industry. These gaps may be very narrow in scope, but deep in opportunity. Many of these “gaps” are thoughts or actions that most people do or use in their everyday lives, yet only certain, esoteric minds visualize improvement, expansion and creation.

Building a company takes many things including but not limited to – faith, persistence, patience, and belief. Additionally, it takes a solid foundation, good structure, and deep roots to be successful. From building an advisory board to pursuing top flight management and execution teams, the need for belief and persistence is paramount.

The name BigBamboo was taken as a metaphor for growing actual Chinese Bamboo trees and how it relates to building companies. While it is often asked if we sell bamboo, the answer is definitely no (at least not yet).

We DO however attempt to grow companies that can experience massive growth, fulfill a niche role and be supported by deep roots of talented management, expertise and experience.