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Community Responses

I wasn’t invited to knockNOW!, but I laude Mr. Meade’s efforts. The funding opportunities in Chicago are absolutely horrific. His comment, “What do you get from investment groups in Chicago? ‘It’s too early’. ‘We are going to take a pass, come back when you have customers, good luck.’ And then they pat you on the head …

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Letter from Chicago

On the 36th floor of the Playboy Building in downtown Chicago, Michael Ferro, CEO of Click Commerce, contemplated why the high-tech economy has not taken off in his town.
The impressively old-school office, with its lofty ceilings, chandeliers, fireplace and a view of the John Hancock Building, isn’t the kind of place one would expect to …

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Response to Ron May

Dear Ron:
Regarding your article about knockNOW! in the Thursday May Report; and much as I disdain your tactics, which I feel are: “write first and ask questions later”, I feel you deserve a response. Your normal modus operendi is to write something, usually negative, and then force that person to respond. If they don’t, you …

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Ron May Follow Up

I will both begin and end this with a Thank you, as odd that may seem. Let me start with thanking you for putting my name in the response so many times. You wisely ferreted out that the true motive for knockNOW! was to increase my name count in TMR. I was feeling left out.
On …

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