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What a week for Water!

While not everyone knows of the secret water project we’re working on, they will soon enough.
It’s not as if it’s not already a global problem.  Not as if we aren’t “aware” (at least somewhat) of the challenges that are facing us on the water front.

Suffice to say, water is a big issue.

However, it’s getting bigger and bigger.

Indeed, it has often been said- more ware will be fought over water, than oil.

Well, perhaps a Nobel Peace Prize around Water awareness should be in order.

Though, I’m not a big fan of “awareness” alone.

How about Water action.

Yes, let’s take an “Action“!

If you don’t believe me, see below.  Here is a series of articles, just this week, that outline what I’m saying.


Water wars? Thirsty, energy-short China stirs fear – Remapping of rivers in world’s most heavily populated region is happening on a gigantic scale, with potentially strategic implications

What happens when China starts diverting rivers for their own purposes:

From Salon:

What happens when we run out of water?  Do you wonder where water goes and all of the items it’s used in?  This article starts to explain some of that.

From Fastcodedesign:

The World’s drinking water crisis.  Every year, we’re paying more and more for water as our infrastructure rots and supplies shrink.

From FastCompany:

Why GE, Coca-Cola, and IBM Are Getting Into the Water Business

Indeed, we need to flush out more and more ideas around water conservation.

And last- from Kohler:

Here is a Kolers reponse and action….a $6,500 toilet!  That plays music!!!!   Yes, that’s the answer.

I’m sure there will be more and more to come.

Sitting at the Fortune Green 2011 Conference- What a collection

The Fortune Green Brainstorming event is happening the next few days in beautiful Laguna, California.

This is a collection of amazing sustainability and environmental directors from around the world.

The current IBM pre-conference event is paneled by Executives from Disney, IBM, Wal-Mart, Dupont and more.

As larger companies start (or continue) their efforts around sustainable efforts, environmental impacts, and ways to create real change in the world, there will…hopefully… be a tremendous impact on the environment.

Large companies have something in the strength of numbers.  If more and more companies look for programs and initiatives that can engage their own employee base, then small action items can result in large and dramatic changes.

Can’t make it to TED? No worries, take an adventure with BIL

If you’re not aware, TED is this week in Los Angles.  TED is the uber conference ($6,000 to attend and a waiting list to boot).  It is peppered with luminaries from around the world giving inspiring speeches on a wide range of topics.
Can’t get in?  No worries.  There is BIL.  Yes, this is not an uber conference, but an “un” conference.  It is something that might best be described as organized chaos.  At BIL, you can attend (for free), are encouraged to bring items that might solve problems at an unconference (coffee, fruit, food, expertise, etc), and can expect to enjoy the same type of TED talks, but in a more friendly environment.

BIL is this weekend (, and is open to all.

There was a great article recently in the Wall Street Journal as well ( )

I would encourage anyone that wants to get out, contribute, and make a difference- to themselves, their environment, and quite possibly the world- to attend BIL.
See you this weekend.

Water continues to be a global problem

In a recent article by USA Today (, it showed how toilet water is being converted to drinking water in a few locations around the world.
What was more interesting to me was the following quote,”Water is going to be the oil of the 21st century,” predicts Bill Cooper, director of the Urban Water Research Center at the University of California-Irvine.”

Indeed, water is going to be a bigger issue as populations grow.  Water touches everything we do- from the coffee you drink in the morning, to the jeans you wear, to the electricity that turns on your computer so you can read this post.

The Virtual water footprint is ever growing, and as the needs and uses of water increase, the available amounts continue to decrease.
What actions can you take as an individual that would make a difference?

More actions are needed that can help solve this growing global crisis.

Is water about Peace, Politics, Power, or all of the above?

Are the wars already starting?

For as much attention, bloodshed, and money that has been spent on the wars over oil- I think they pale in comparison by what’s going to happen in the future over Water.

As the world evolves, so grows our needs and desires for water.

But, who controls those water rights?

I feel it is too much in the consciousness of individuals that water is the same type of right as “air”.
Meaning it will just be there when you need it.
Well, that is not remotely the case.
Water is a finite resource that is not easily replenished.

What happens when the needs or desires of one group supersedes another one?  If one group, person or population lived upstream from another, and could or did decide to stop the flow of water- what would the outcome be?

If a country stopped supporting another?  What if the State of Colorado at some point decided to stop providing water to the other neighboring states?  What would the outcome and impact be?  What would happen to Las Vegas, Los Angeles, or Phoenix?

Those cities are all dependent on water from other places.
Well, to see a microcosm of the future- here it is-

In a simple water dispute among tribes, over 120 people were killed.

What does the future portend?

If you missed this show on water, don’t worry, it’s on again

There was a show on CNBC about water as a liquid asset.

The shows airs again at the end of October, and might be a great opportunity to learn more about the impending global issues with water.

Yes, this depleting resource will create wars, famine, and a change in the way all of us live our lives in the future.

Looking for a great recycling resource?

Recycling is becoming more and more of a pressing issue.  The amount of water, oil and fossil fuels that go into the making of a single plastic water bottle is a bit staggering.

How much?  Here are a few interesting statistics:

This year more than 25 billion single use plastic water bottles will be sold in the United States alone and more than 80 percent of those will end up being disposed of rather than being recycled (that’s 20 billion bottles to the landfill Virginia!).

• Over 25 million barrels of oil were used to make the plastic bottles consumed in the US last year–and that doesn’t include the petroleum used to transport them.To put that in perspective, that’s enough petroleum to power 100,000 automobiles for a year!

• Drinking out of bottled water actually wastes water, as is takes 5 times as much water to actually MAKE the bottle, as the amount of water IN the bottle.

• While some bottles do end up getting recycled, in reality they are downcycled, being turned into other products leaving most new water bottles to require virgin plastic.

Yes, single use plastic bottles are a problem.

If more items were recycled and turned into usable products, less water and natural resources would be used overall.
Well, how do you make recycling easier?
This site gives you locations to recycle different types of items.
Next time you’re ready to just throw something out…think twice.

Bobby Kennedy, Jr. gave an interesting speech today

I was fortunate to attend an event an today where Bobby Kennedy, Jr. was speaking at CAA (Creative Artists Associates) in Los Angeles.

It’s the second time recently I’ve seen him speak, and had the opportunity to talk to him directly.

It’s interesting the facts, figures, and opinions he can fly through in such a short amount of time.  He is passionate about several causes, with water being one of the largest.

He is also involved with the River Keeper Organization (
There is a movement toward what I’ve been saying for a while…”It’s all about BLUE” ! :)

Water is indeed the future or peace, power and politics.

How do you fit “The Next Big Thing!” into only two minutes?

I have the privilege and opportunity to speak tonight at Summit DC10 (  If you have a really big idea, and have 750 people hanging on your words, how do you condense that into two minutes?

Go REALLY REALLY fast……or…..Less information and more facts?  Limited text and lost of pictures?

Hmmm, well I’m using a combination of all.

I guess in a few hours, we’ll know if it was successful or not.