Needs A Leader

The following companies are what we consider “Corporate Assets”.

Some of the companies of instance, have completed technology and are just waiting for someone who wants to come in and run the company.

Think of this as a car that’s sitting in the garage, but it needs a driver.

If any of the companies spark an interest, feel free to contact us for more information.


MonetaPro has created a revolutionary, proprietary, and exclusive online ecommerce platform for companies and communities. MonetaPro enables companies and individuals to buy, sell and trade products and services inside a private labeled system.

Community Commerce- is a private labeled, ecommerce platform for a specific community. Within affinity groups or communities such as chambers of commerce, alumni associations, or certain related groups of companies, there is an inherent desire to do business with other members. Community Commerce enables members of a specific group or community to buy and sell from each other in an exclusive and closed environment.

The company has operations in Los Angeles and Chicago and works through consulting firms and other integrators. For more information, visit


Stealth Mode E-commerce Startup

We need a CEO for Stealth Mode eCommerce Startup!

If you are a seasoned CEO looking for that next exciting startup opportunity, consider this new venture:

The active Board Chairman / co-founder has identified a unique unfilled market niche in community commerce with hundreds of potential major customers identified. The company has acquired the rights to a proven cloud-based eCommerce system which will require only minor software changes to fully adapt to this application. Several potential business models have been identified which will provide a win-win situation for our affinity group customers, their members, and for our company.
The Board is actively seeking an experienced hands-on full time CEO who will:
a. Recognize this unique opportunity to build a new eCommerce company with unlimited potential and a goal of obtaining a successful exit in 3-5 years.
b. Build out his/her management team with experienced marketing, sales and operations executives who have deep experience in affinity marketing and in providing eCommerce solutions.
c. Be willing to work on an equity basis until the company is funded.
d. Help brainstorm and finalize a business financial model and a 5 year plan which will take advantage of customer discussions and pent up demand from several nationwide affinity groups which have requested live demos for system evaluation.
e. Lead the funding effort along with the Chairman and other Board Members, all of whom have a strong track record of successful fund raising and successful exits including the sale of several of their companies and a successful IPO at a significant ROI to all investors.

If you have a track record of startup success as a CEO, are motivated by a significant equity position, and would like to discuss this opportunity in more detail, please respond immediately with a cover email
briefly outlining your experience with a resume attached to All inquiries will be held in the strictest confidence.



CuCme (pronounced See You- See Me), is a mobile proximity networking app. Think LinkedIn meets FourSquare. In a business use, no more frustration of going to conferences or trade shows and wandering the halls looking at name tags and hoping you meet the right person. From a personal one, no one could go into a public gathering and instantly find, view, and communicate with people of like interests.

Looking for: Funding to complete the build of the mobile app, and go to market.


ComCom Networks

Community Commerce Networks, Inc. “ComCom” is a West Coast Corporation that provides a closed loop, and private labeled e-commerce engine which empowers affinity groups and communities such as Chambers of Commerce, Alumni Groups, and Professional Associations.



Mens Fashion Brand