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Jun 13

My Blog has been moved

So, I’ve migrated the blog over to  This will enable me to update it more frequently, and use some of the social publishing tools like HootSuite and others.
For the newest, freshest information; please visit me here:
Below are some older posts and archives.

Apr 20

Working outside has it’s perks

I ran across a question recently about working outside or at coffee shops.
Can it be effective?  Why would you do it?  Do you even have an office? etc.
Well, here’s why I do.  I currently have a great office in West Hollywood, California, with double doors that open onto a patio, and situated directly over the …

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Mar 05

Thought for the day

During a planning session last night for our company Cenoplex- I learned of a great quote.
It is a spin off of “It’s always darkest before the dawn”, or the story- Three feet from Gold- in which the person stops short of his goal.
The quote is- “The impossible happens just on the other side, of where …

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Feb 11

The use of Social Networking Tools

In an attempt to expand my online universe, I decided to upload a contact file into Facebook and use the friend finder.  After MANY unsuccessful attempt to just “upload” the file, I was finally successful.
A quick tip for anyone trying-
1- your file has to be a CSV
2- it can only contain the email field
3- it …

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Feb 11

Are you hunting Elephants, or are you hunting deer?

Are you hunting Elephants, or are you hunting Deer?
In light of the world of Political Correctness, I hope the following doesn’t offend anyone.
If anyone has built a company, or tried to sell a product or service, you will relate to what is about to follow.
Some products or services are best built for large companies, however …

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Feb 02

Long before you are a Billion Dollar Company, you must….

To be a Billion dollar company, you must first think like one, and act like one, long before you are one.
I would like to relate a story- though not a true one- that is a metaphor for what is about to be written.
There was a woman working in a plant for $10 and hour when …

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