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Jun 13

My Blog has been moved

So, I’ve migrated the blog over to  This will enable me to update it more frequently, and use some of the social publishing tools like HootSuite and others.
For the newest, freshest information; please visit me here:
Below are some older posts and archives.

Nov 09

Why can’t a tax break be considered an “economic stimulus”?

I’m not trying to constantly make political arguments here, but I am curious with the fight that is coming up regarding the Bush tax cuts.
I continue to hear over and over (mostly from the liberal or democrat side), that “NOT” letting the tax cuts expire, at least on the …

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May 20

The Singularity is Near

I was privileged to see Ray Kurzweil speak the other day on the “Singularity”.
It is close to the time when man and machine become one.  If you think of the movie the Terminator, you’re on the right track.
Well, here is an interesting article that just came out.
This is showing just how close we really are …

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May 15

How do you make your Mark?

There is a really cool documentary out based on the life of an entrepreneur.  The trailer can be viewed here–
Please take a look.  It follows the every day activities of Mark Husman as he tries to build a big business.

Mar 05

What is the highest paid government position?

Not that I’m overly political here, as I really try to add real world value, however I found the following article interesting.
It spoke about the federal pay for jobs versus a comparable private sector job.  Not only are many of the federal jobs higher paying, when you count in the pension and benefit plans, it’s …

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Jan 23

Environmental Research- New Pet Project

So, I’m about to start an new Pet Project.  It’s going to be in the environmental space.
It should completely rock, but we’ll see.
However, in the course of research, I ran across something I found interesting.  I searched of the “top 10 green companies”.  One company appears on several of the lists, and to me it …

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Jan 15

Political Battle at hand

Ok, nothing like jumping straight in with controversy.  If you’re not aware, there is a special election coming up for the Senate seat of the late Ted Kennedy.
Interesting if you are tracking such items.  If  Scott Brown the Republican wins, it will dramatically change the balance of power in the Senate, and perhaps the course …

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Jan 14

New Stealth Project

My first foray into the Green and Environmental space.
Should be interesting.
More to come.