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Jun 13

My Blog has been moved

So, I’ve migrated the blog over to  This will enable me to update it more frequently, and use some of the social publishing tools like HootSuite and others.
For the newest, freshest information; please visit me here:
Below are some older posts and archives.

Mar 25

When is being #108,067 considered an “early adopter”?

I recently received a great email from Reid Hoffman- Founder of Linked In.  Ok, granted it was a form letter, but it was nice none the less.
It said that I was number 108,067 in joining Linked In, and that is quite a milestone considering that LI just passed 100MM members.
It’s interesting as I’ve watched the …

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Oct 04

Can facebook be beaten at it’s own game?

The movie is out, and the debate has begun.
Is Mark Zuckerberg a rebel visionary with an unwavering focus on the future who did what he needed to do to be successful (as the younger generation viewed him after the movie), or a tragic figure who lost himself and his soul, as well as his only …

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Aug 16

The Food Police? Where does it stop?

There is a movement afoot (of course in the basket of Liberalism called San Fransisco), to regulate fast food locations that sells toys in the meals (ala Happy Meals and McDonalds).
Here is a link to the article-
I find it interesting that the study conclude the kids like the toys better than the food.  Thus, …

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Feb 11

The use of Social Networking Tools

In an attempt to expand my online universe, I decided to upload a contact file into Facebook and use the friend finder.  After MANY unsuccessful attempt to just “upload” the file, I was finally successful.
A quick tip for anyone trying-
1- your file has to be a CSV
2- it can only contain the email field
3- it …

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Jan 26

Another example of a poorly run Government Program

I am constantly confounded by the way Government runs and handles programs.  While this is not a partisan attack of one administration or another, it is certainly an attach of the current one creating the process.
The current housing market is a “prime” (pun intended) example of just such.
The process of rewriting or reworking a mortgage …

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Jan 17

Interview with Ady Gil of Sea Shepherd and Whale Wars

So, I had a chance to sit down with Ady Gil and talk a little bit about his boat and what happened.  If you’re not aware, the vessel Ady Gil was cut in half by a Japanese “research”  whaling ship.  I say “research” as it’s amazing what the Japanese do to get away with whale …

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Jan 15

Political Battle at hand

Ok, nothing like jumping straight in with controversy.  If you’re not aware, there is a special election coming up for the Senate seat of the late Ted Kennedy.
Interesting if you are tracking such items.  If  Scott Brown the Republican wins, it will dramatically change the balance of power in the Senate, and perhaps the course …

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