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If you missed this show on water, don’t worry, it’s on again

There was a show on CNBC about water as a liquid asset.

The shows airs again at the end of October, and might be a great opportunity to learn more about the impending global issues with water.

Yes, this depleting resource will create wars, famine, and a change in the way all of us live our lives in the future.

Looking for a great recycling resource?

Recycling is becoming more and more of a pressing issue.  The amount of water, oil and fossil fuels that go into the making of a single plastic water bottle is a bit staggering.

How much?  Here are a few interesting statistics:

This year more than 25 billion single use plastic water bottles will be sold in the United States alone and more than 80 percent of those will end up being disposed of rather than being recycled (that’s 20 billion bottles to the landfill Virginia!).

• Over 25 million barrels of oil were used to make the plastic bottles consumed in the US last year–and that doesn’t include the petroleum used to transport them.To put that in perspective, that’s enough petroleum to power 100,000 automobiles for a year!

• Drinking out of bottled water actually wastes water, as is takes 5 times as much water to actually MAKE the bottle, as the amount of water IN the bottle.

• While some bottles do end up getting recycled, in reality they are downcycled, being turned into other products leaving most new water bottles to require virgin plastic.

Yes, single use plastic bottles are a problem.

If more items were recycled and turned into usable products, less water and natural resources would be used overall.
Well, how do you make recycling easier?
This site gives you locations to recycle different types of items.
Next time you’re ready to just throw something out…think twice.

Bobby Kennedy, Jr. gave an interesting speech today

I was fortunate to attend an event an today where Bobby Kennedy, Jr. was speaking at CAA (Creative Artists Associates) in Los Angeles.

It’s the second time recently I’ve seen him speak, and had the opportunity to talk to him directly.

It’s interesting the facts, figures, and opinions he can fly through in such a short amount of time.  He is passionate about several causes, with water being one of the largest.

He is also involved with the River Keeper Organization (
There is a movement toward what I’ve been saying for a while…”It’s all about BLUE” ! :)

Water is indeed the future or peace, power and politics.

The Food Police? Where does it stop?

There is a movement afoot (of course in the basket of Liberalism called San Fransisco), to regulate fast food locations that sells toys in the meals (ala Happy Meals and McDonalds).

Here is a link to the article-

I find it interesting that the study conclude the kids like the toys better than the food.  Thus, the food and the establishment become the target?

Huh?  Let’s force the fast food company to provide “better” nutritional value in the meals?

I’m just curious why it is the responsibility of the location, and NOT the parent?  It’s not the kid who drives to Mcdonalds, orders a Happy Meal, and Pays for it.  Is it?

No, it’s the Parents!

If the parents wanted something more nutritional, they would cook at home.  Go to wholefoods.  Order a salad.
No, the parents order for the kids because it’s “easy”.
It’s the same parent who has the “choice” to choose any of the food items on the menu.
Yes, let’s see…..”Umm…I’ll take the #1 Happy Meal with the bunless veggie burger and apple slices for my child, and can I have the um….#4 Double value big mac, make it super large, and what the heck throw in an apple pie so I won’t feel guilty forcing my kid to eat apple slices!”

Once again, it’s an attack and effort to “control” and regulate the problem, as opposed to realizing it’s the “source” (read Parents), who are the real problem.
Where is this world headed?

Just Plug the Damn hole!

I’m confused.
There is a travesty happening in the Gulf of Mexico with the Oil Spill by British Petroleum. It is spewing oil into the ocean at an unprecedented rate.

This is causing an issue with oil, environment, and the economy.
President Obama recently, in his infamous wisdom, stood in front of a group and proclaimed- “Just Plug the Damn Hole”.

While the Oil continues to spew in the Gulf, there is the conversation around the impending discussion for Cap and Trade, Oil Exploration, and other energy issues.
However, Obama realized that the Oil! was the problem.  It continues to spew more and more oil into the Gulf, and thus he frustratingly complained and exclaimed- “Just Plug the Damn Hole!”

Here is where the confusion (and Hypocrisy in my opinion) begins.

For, just yesterday, President Obama met with the Republicans (for the first time in a year mind you), and had a discussion around immigration.

When he exited the meeting, his statements were to the effect of, “we discussed Border patrol, but any discussion on the border would need to be met with the Republicans making a movement toward comprehensive immigration reform”.

Thus, he tied the Border issue (which is leaking like a sieve), to the broader issue of immigration.  His statement that in order for their to be movement on one, had to be met with a movement by the republicans on the other.


My comment- “Just Plug the Damn Hole”!  What do I mean?

The Border is the hole! It is leaking like the Oil well in the Gulf.

Just plug the damn hole.  Meaning- stop the leak at the border and THEN have a discussion on reform.

I don’t see the Republicans tying the issue of immigration and President Obama’s comments together.

So, again, I’m confused.

How is a leaky border tied to a different political agenda of immigration reform, when the oil spill isn’t tied to the larger issue of the environment?

Just a simple question I tend to ask.

Lastly, this just in- There is a terror link to Somali’s who are ….sneaking in through the border of Texas!

I wonder how long it is before there is an attack on US soil, from a group who snuck through the Border.


Yes Mr. President indeed- Just Plug the Damn Hole!

The Bill Shock of Cell Phones

There is a pressing issue with cell phone owners who invariably or unfortunately go over their allotted minutes, or text message plans.

This is an on going problem and you often hear of the $10,000 bill for a family.

There are some rules and restrictions coming that may help with the messaging to the subscriber for when this happens.  Other than text (ineffective), or phone call (expensive), there are no other solutions.
Oh wait..Yes there is.  It’s called Cenoplex.  Coming soon is a new messaging platform for the mobile industry.

Stay tuned! :)

The use of Social Networking Tools

In an attempt to expand my online universe, I decided to upload a contact file into Facebook and use the friend finder.  After MANY unsuccessful attempt to just “upload” the file, I was finally successful.

A quick tip for anyone trying-

1- your file has to be a CSV

2- it can only contain the email field

3- it can’t be over 5,000 records.

This last point was painfully relevant as my database contains about 9,500 names.

After finally getting that figured out, the upload was complete.

The next step….selecting the “friends” I wanted to invite.

Unfortunately, here comes the vagrancies of a social network.  It is their job to GROW!!!  Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. are on a mission to have more people.

Thus, while trying to judiciously select the friend to invite, facebook notified me of my great “success”.

What was that success?  It has now sent out an invitation to EVERYONE in my contact list.

Not very clear or concise on how to invite friends.  And I believe it is done intentionally and insidiously.

So, for anyone who received my invite, and either wishes to decline, or doesn’t remember meeting me- I apologize and understand.

I’m now staring at a screen for LinkedIn think- what to do next?  I surely hope it is a more clear path to selection.