The following are ideas around problems that need to be solved.

Some of these are just ideas, nothing more.

A few, may have some marketing research, or possible UI/UX around them, but still need quite a bit of work.

If there are any of interest, let us know.


SmileVibe is a concept company based on current and impending Mobile Technologies.

If your interest is in mobile application, social networking and online dating, this company is ripe for the market. For more information, please contact us.

Rush Street TV

Rush Street is a concept based on an area of Chicago, Illinois.

This treatment is a combination of several current TV shows.

It is a smart drama with depth of stories only available in this area of Chicago.

Currently, the project needs a talented writer or creative director. Preferably someone with experience in shows with HBO, Showtime, and the major networks.

New Pen

As one who reads often, takes notes, and is always trying to improve, I have a simple idea for a new pen.

If anyone has manufacturing expertise or promotional items, this could be a winner.

Feel free to contact us for more information.

Swap Seats

In the market today, there are several offerings for tickets. Primarily sporting events. These systems range from eBay to StubHub and are based upon a cash model for the secondary market.

SwapSeats has a technology that would bring a fresh and unique twist on the entire industry.

If you have an interest in bringing to market a revolutionary platform, please contact us.

New Sandal

This was a simple observation of how the majority of people’s feet seem to fit, or more accurately not fit, on the sandals and flip flops.

If anyone has manufacturing expertise in footwear, this could be a winner. Feel free to contact us for more information.