Current Companies

In this section, you will find the different stages in the BigBamboo company portfolio.

Operating Companies are up and running. The management team is usually in place, the company is in the market, has a finished product and is in customer acquisition mode.

In development are companies in the creation stage. Sometimes these companies may also be called “stealth”. This means the advisory board is still being developed and expanded, the management team is being built or is in place, and the company had a clear formulation and direction.

It may not be in the market yet, or have a finished product, however everything would be moving ahead toward a planned launch.

Looking for a leader These companies are at varying stages of development. It is often an idea that may have some structure to it, and may even have a product or completed technology that could be brought to market. Often, companies at this stage need a CEO or some senior management to execute on the plan. It may mean completing a business plan, financials and fund raising, and in other scenarios it may simply mean that the Leader will have the skill set, knowledge, contacts, and determination to bring a company to market.

Ideas for now Often there may be an idea or inspiration the comes to the forefront. It is these ideas that need work to bear fruit. With nothing more than the kernel, the idea would need complete germination and a leader to completely run with the idea.

The perfect fit in this situation is usually someone who has an existing company, or past experiences, in which they can easily accelerate the idea.