Cenoplex is transforming customer care for wireless operators worldwide. As the first company to harness the gap between call placement and call connection, Cenoplex enables wireless operators to communicate more effectively and intelligently with their customers by placing precisely targeted Actionable Audio MessagesSM into the call stream of any mobile phone.

With almost a century of combined experience in Fortune 500 companies and more than two dozen mobile, telecom and technology startups, the Cenoplex team has developed a proprietary portfolio of intellectual property that transforms CRM capabilities into an effective customer communication vehicle, serving as a powerful augment to any operator’s lifecycle management strategy.

The Cenoplex solution allows wireless operators reach customers 100 percent of the time with the right message, from low-balance reminders to public safety announcements. By leveraging existing mobile infrastructure to unleash the potential of untapped inventory, Cenoplex’s offerings can pre-empt customer service issues, promote value-added services and products, reduce churn, build deeper, more sustainable customer relationships and reduce operating costs.

For more information, visit www.cenoplex.com