Intra-Company “Garage Sale” for Unused Assets

RONAStar (Return on Net Assets) is a web-based system that acts like an in-house garage sale for large corporations to list excess, idle or unutilized assets and then redeploy them internally. RONAStar enables companies to reduce purchasing cost, eliminate redundant purchasing, and save money.

Think of it as internal eBay on steroids.


  • Companies are looking for means to save money, be more efficient and increase shareholder value.
  • Government wants to deliver the most services for the least tax dollar.
  • CFO Magazine found that 10-25% of an organization’s assets are sitting idle and further, that 77% of financial executives are dissatisfied with their ability to redeploy assets.
  • Price Waterhouse Coopers states each $1 in assets reallocated internally can save $3-$5 in new purchases.

RONAStar is a high Impact, low cost and rapid ROI solution:

RONAStar is a sophisticated, long-term solution to the continuous, on-going problem of underutilized assets. RONAStar offers a web-based platform that allows you or your corporation to “buy” and “sell” goods and services in and among your operating units by logging those assets into a centralized database, and then using our powerful search and transaction processing engines.

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