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Leader Needed

The following companies are ready for market. They have a completed product or a go to market strategy. There is often an already identified market, customer, and possibly a group of advisors or supporters around the idea.

The company at this stage usually needs someone with credibility in the particular area or market.

These are scenarios where a leader could bring funding to the table, buy into the company, or join to help build and bring the idea to market.

There are a plethora of ideas here in a variety of industries. Feel free to peruse through the offerings.

If any of the companies strike a cord, appeal to your interest, or fit within the bailiwick of someone you know- well then, we would love to hear from you.

Stealth Mode eCommerce Startup

We need a CEO for Stealth Mode eCommerce Startup!
CEO for Stealth Mode eCommerce Startup!!
If you are a seasoned CEO looking for that next exciting startup opportunity, consider this new venture:

The active Board Chairman / co-founder has identified a unique unfilled market niche in community commerce with hundreds of potential major customers identified.
The company has acquired the …

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Community Commerce Networks, Inc. “ComCom” is a West Coast Corporation that provides a closed loop, and private labeled e-commerce engine which empowers affinity groups and communities such as Chambers of Commerce, Alumni Groups, and Professional Associations. www.comcomnetworks.com

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Coming Soon…

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The Emergency Asset Management System
EAMS (Emergency Asset Management System) is a web-based disaster mitigation tool that automates the processes associated with the collection and disbursement of disaster resources.
EAMS was to deal with the collection of data on the location, availability and disbursement of resources to be used in an emergency, disaster or terrorist event.
EAMS lets …

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CuCme (pronounced See You- See Me), is  a mobile proximity networking app.  Think LinkedIn meets FourSquare.  In a business use, no more frustration of going to conferences or trade shows and wandering the halls looking at name tags and hoping you meet the right person.  From a personal one, no one could go into a …

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OrionNation (ON) is the first ever “Industry Generated” content portal. As opposed to Facebook, MySpace,YouTube, etc. that are “user generated” content- which means anyone can post anything.
The OrionNation platform enables celebrities to post content without the fear of an identity hi-jack, inappropriate information, or users putting up content that is not relevant.
Face sites and misinformation …

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