The Emergency Asset Management System

EAMS (Emergency Asset Management System) is a web-based disaster mitigation tool that automates the processes associated with the collection and disbursement of disaster resources.

EAMS was to deal with the collection of data on the location, availability and disbursement of resources to be used in an emergency, disaster or terrorist event.

EAMS lets users:

  • Make simple, distributed collection of needed emergency resources.
  • Perform fast resource searches using our powerful search engine.
  • Request resources from the resource “owner” – this includes e-mail invoicing of the item either as a loan, gift or purchase.
  • Track resources when ordered.
  • EAMS contains a complete reporting system that may be customized to specific needs.

Using EAMS

  • When an emergency strikes, the system then becomes “real-time”. The emergency management team pulls down resources, materials and even “pre-qualified volunteers. Additional personnel can be authorized as resource managers to pull materials from the system.
  • The system tracks the pull-downs, and it sends messaging to both the requester and the resource “owner” indicating where exactly, it needs to be sent. Resources are shown as to where they were sent and who sent them.

EAMS Was Created To Fill the Missing Element Disaster Response and Recovery

Disaster mitigation is not just about the initial response. Trained professionals are more than able to meet this challenge.

Mitigating a disaster is not just about the initial dispatch to an event, but all the other resources that are needed to control, suppress, and recover from the effects of the disaster itself.


  • Evacuation from the floods on the Mississippi River was a minor issue – compared to repairing the levees, pumping out facilities, and providing shelter.
  • Dealing with the life-saving issues at the World Trade center – were dwarfed by cleanup and infrastructure repair requirements.
  • Containment during a Bioterrorism event is significant; but it is only a small part of the problem when compared to an inventory of hazmat suits, vaccines, professional personnel locations and available treatment and trauma centers.

Current First Responder dispatch systems do not deal with these critical disaster mitigation components – EAMS does.

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