OrionNation (ON) is the first ever “Industry Generated” content portal. As opposed to Facebook, MySpace,YouTube, etc. that are “user generated” content- which means anyone can post anything.

The OrionNation platform enables celebrities to post content without the fear of an identity hi-jack, inappropriate information, or users putting up content that is not relevant.

Face sites and misinformation are still rampant on the Web, and gossip sites proliferate.

OrionNation will help Stars and entertainers control and maintain their image and information.  Additionally, ON is a unique platform for managers, publicists, etc. to have a single system which can act as a Virtual Publicity platform.

Tools for uploading content to a single platform, distribution and syndication to other sites, and the peace of mind that no fake/fan/gossip profiles will be allowed, all make OrionNation an important and timely opportunity.

OrionNation will be a constellation of the brightest stars, and will empower the Stars to “shine brighter”

If you’d like more information, please email OrionNation@gmail.com.