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As a personal incubator, we create companies, recruit advisors, target management, and then get the company funded to bring it to market.

Here’s an overview of a few of our projects.  If any spark an interest, please let me know.

1.  My WetRock; An eco-focused company that creates environmental products that helps consumers help the environment. Our first product “the DropBox” is a water conservation device this simply “drops in” the tank of a toilet and can immediately start saving water and money, while also reducing plastic and toxic pollution matter from the environment.

Here’s a video on the company;, The idea;, overview, or more information go to; and use the password- changetheworld

Looking for: Potential sales partners who have experience selling Promotional Items into large corporations, and access to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) director’s in companies with more than 5,000 employees.

2.  RONAStar; Enterprise Software that helps really large companies save money by redeploying their own idle assets.  Think of it as an internal eBay where a department within a company can list assets that are idle/unwanted at one location and easily transfer them to another location within the company.  Utilizing a proprietary electronic currency, RONAStar acts as part eBay, part Garage Sale, part Barter and quickly and directly impacts a company’s bottom line., company overview video;,  recent announcement: Former Head of Manugistics and Covisent named to advisory board:

Looking for: Funding of $1MM for go to market capital, and introductions to CFO’s of Fortune 1000 companies who want to save money

3.  ComComNetworks; Private labeled transaction platform that let’s members of an affinity group (chamber of commerce, alumni association, etc.) buy and sell from each other.  Think of it as a private “Etsy”.

Looking for: Potential CEO of a transaction processing platform, and marketing managers of affinity groups.

4.  OrionNation; an entertainment portal that is a social platform for stars to control their content.  Think of the difference between Jerry Springer (gossip, tabloid, controversy) versus Oprah (authentic, charity, positive).  OrionNation is a destination for fans to easily find the authentic voice of the celebrity.  This one is (in true Hollywood speak) IMDB meets Facebook.  (Launch coming soon)- Video on How Social Media is Broken;

Looking for: Managers, celebrities, and investors for the platform launch.

5.  Cenoplex; an audio messaging and services company that helps carriers in Lifecycle Management (LCM) efforts to reduce churn, promote Value Added Services (VAS), and increase Revenue (ARPU) with non-intrusive audio content.  Fully funded, with an A+ Management team and Advisory Board, Cenoplex is the first company in the world to insert a four second audio message in the call sequencing gap of an outbound mobile call, all without disrupting the call path., recent news around FCC and CTIA announcement;, Advisor Announcement;

6.  The Vets TV Show;  This is the first TV show dedicated solely to the subject of animals their well-being. “The Vets” TV show brings heartwarming interactions, medical miracles, and amazing feats.  The Vets was created by 3-time Emmy winner, John Pattyson, and brings together America’s top veterinarians, Hollywood celebrities and amazing stories of the bond between us and our animals.

Looking for: Distribution through a Network or Cable Operator

 7.  CuCme / Pinquity;  A mobile proximity networking app.  Think LinkedIn meets FourSquare.  In a business use, no more frustration of going to conferences or trade shows and wondering the halls looking at name tags and hoping you meet the right person.  From a personal one, no one could go into a public gathering and instantly find, view, and communicate with people of like interests.

Looking for: Funding to complete the build of the mobile app, and go to market.

8.  MagMo;  Stands for Magazine Moment.  Mobile app that creates theme based albums that can easily be shared.

Looking for: Funding to complete the build of the mobile app, and go to market.

 9.  Isolation is a Good Thing; Here is a quick networking technique, as well as a speech I gave recently in San Diego. It is a 10 step networking system that can help you isolate exactly what you want, who you want to meet, and what you need; and then give you the strategy and technique to get it.

Simple Tornado Technique Tornado Technique;  PowerPoint:,  video;

 I’m also involved on the advisory board of a few companies.  This being one of them;

1.; twtMob is an Influencer Marketing Company that de-mystifies the world of social influence through its influencer network and influencer algorithm.  twtMob’s network aggregates the top influencers across several social platforms including celebrities, athletes, niche influencers, and key content creators while categorizing and valuing their influence in actual dollars via a complex algorithm.  Reaching over 180 million impressions a day, their network has been tapped to run hundreds of campaigns for brands including Playstation, Verizon, Kia, Lionsgate, T-Mobile, Mitsubishi and more.

2.; a video production company for animated shorts which are used for sales, product explanation, etc.  Lead by a three time Emmy Award Winning producer, these are great ways to promote your company.


Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you!

Stephen Meade



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