Upcoming Events (Special Guests) and Company Announcement

Below are two great upcoming events.  One in Los Angeles, and the other in New York.

Upcoming Events:


Beverly Hills, CA;

Please join Craig Fry (retired Assistant Fire Chief for the City of Los Angeles) and myself in supporting this event for the Los Angeles Mayoral candidate Wendy Greuel Fund Raiser. It’s Wednesday, February 20th and will be at the home of Cheryl and Haim Saban.  This is a unique opportunity to meet and interact with Wendy and several other dignitaries, including U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer.

Ticket are available  here, and the minimum donation to attend the event is $100.  In the memo box put it is for the “Saban Event”.


New York, NY;

RockArtLove is a star studded event honoring Carlos Slim and his commitment to the homeless and humanitarian heroes around the world.  The tax deductible event is benefiting a good cause- The Homeless World Cup. As an avid soccer fan, this is  truly a program worth supporting.  The event is in March and there are limited number of tickets available from the web site. For unique sponsor opportunities, click here.


Company Announcements:

MWR Globe

My WetRock;

What can save water, plastic and power; reduce carbon from the environment; save money; all while providing education on kids and adults alike?  My WetRock is a consumer products company with a unique solution to saving water.  What one activity wastes almost 2 Trillion gallons of water?  What simple solution can save $45 Billion Gallons of Water?  Well, we’d love for you to find out more.  Click here and use the password “ChangeTheWorld“.


CuCme Funding Launch;

You’re getting a sneak preview (the “official” launch is Tuesday)  of the IndieGoGo campaign for CuCme (pronounced “See You- See Me”).  It’s a new mobile app that helps professionals easily find and contact one another, even in a room of thousands. How can we spend less time looking for connections, and more time actually building them?  How can you effectively find a relevant contact versus rambling around a room reading name tags?  Now, there is an answer. CuCme. Take a look and we’d love your support.  Visit our Indiegogo campaign here!



Enterprise software company that helps really large companies save money. Focused on Global 2000 companies, large organizations, and governments, this cloud based private labeled marketplace (think of it as an internal eBay) enables a company to easily identify, and redeploy idle assets within their own enterprise.  The company is poised to enter the market and is looking for partners to move ahead.  For more information.


Blog Posting:

I occasionally write musings, thoughts, and predictions.  Here is one about how to create an economic force in our Country.  It’s called, “The Seeding of America.  Read The Post

“Isolation Is A Good Thing”

I’m a big proponent of effective networking tips.  I have created many of them.  The “Tornado Technique” is one of my favorites.  Learn it here.



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