Press Release 11.15.2005

Technology Pioneer Dennis C. Hayes named by MonetaPro as Chair of the Company Advisory Board and Secretary of the Management Board

Los Angeles, November 15, 2005: MonetaPro, LLC today named PC Modem inventor, technology and market pioneer Dennis C. Hayes Secretary of the Management Board. Hayes joins Chairman Stephen Meade and Robert Gerometta as the key policy and strategy makers of the Company. Hayes will work with Meade and Gerometta  and the company’s Advisory Board to help enhance the corporate brand names, expansion plan, and to assist in developing new customers and markets.

Dennis Hayes invented the PC modem in 1977, establishing the critical technology that allowed today’s Internet industries to emerge and grow.  Managing the expanding company, he generated over 2.4 Billion dollars of modem product revenues.  Used for almost all dial-up connections to the Internet, Hayes Microcomputer Products, Inc. became the world-wide leader in the industry. Hayes’ quality and innovation resulted in performance enhancements and cost reductions that led to the industry-wide adoption of the PC Modem and established the industry standard for modems known as “Hayes Compatible”.. 

In more than twenty years as Chairman of Hayes, he led the company as a visionary who saw the opportunity for the development of PC communications and the virtual workplace. After successfully guiding the company through a merger that resulted in a new, publicly owned Hayes Corporation, Dennis C. Hayes retired as Chairman in late 1998.

Dennis Hayes has been recognized throughout the Internet and technology industries for his contributions. Hayes is one of four initial inductees into Georgia’s Technology Hall of Fame. At last November’s COMDEX exhibition, he was inducted to the CRN Industry Hall of Fame, along with six other technology leaders, including Bob Metcalfe and Michael Dell. Hayes also founded and chairs the U.S. Internet Industry Association, a leader in the fight for effective public policy related to the Internet.

Hayes is looking forward to using his experience in popularizing new technologies and managing rapid growth to establish a leadership position for MonetaPro, LLC. “It’s not every day you get an opportunity to work with new and challenging ideas and a team of highly qualified people,” said Dennis Hayes.

“Dennis Hayes has been a thought leader in the Internet and PC industry for 20 years. In many ways his vision and technology helped create the foundation for the explosion of the Internet,” said MonetaPro Chairman Stephen Meade. “Dennis’s knowledge, contacts and associates, as well as his day-to day management experience of high-growth companies will add incredible value to MonetaPro.”

Meade continued, “The Company continues to expand its advisory and management teams.  Dennis is a tremendous leader of the constellation of talent we are fortunate to have.”

About MonetaPro

MonetaPro, LLC ( is a Chicago-based company MonetaPro delivers real-time, online “community commerce” and complete financial settlement; enabling members within an affinity group, association, or company to conduct more efficient transaction-based business with other members of their specific community.   

The company will be organized based on three distinct product lines, operating on the same software platform:

-          Corporate Commerce.  The product is private labeled for a single, large organization to identify and redeploy their idle assets.  10-15% of a company’s assets (computers, desks, chairs, etc) are historically idle. The corporate commerce engine can help a company save money be redeploying idle assets in lieu of new purchases.  MonetaPro helps with cost avoidance, financial improvement, and even Sarbanes Oxley compliance.

-          Community Commerce.  Enables members of a specific group or “community” to buy and sell from each other inside a private labeled transaction platform.  Alumni associations, chambers of commerce, specific affinity groups, business networking organizations, a franchise group or evens state governments that wish to launch a “buy local” campaign can utilize the full functionality and financial settlement inside their own exclusive , closed , members only  marketplace. 

-          Continuity Commerce.  For the business continuity, homeland security and emergency management sectors, the product becomes a web-based disaster mitigation tool that automates the processes associated with the collection and disbursement of disaster resources. Whether a flood, fire, or nefarious disaster, the visibility of critical resources (e.g. generators, pumps, rubber gloves, sandbags, food, emergency services personnel) is vital and paramount.  The product easily enables the collection of information, the availability of the items, and eases the process to redeploy them efficiently – all of which can significantly impact time to recovery and save lives.

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