Press Release 7.18.2002

For Immediate Release

GBUCS, LLC Adds Veteran Salesman to Head RONAStar

IBM’s Loss is RONAStar’s Gain


(Chicago, IL) RONAStar, a wholly owned subsidiary of GBUCs, LLC.,  is pleased to announce that Jack J.  Kruze will be joining the firm as SR Vice President of Sales.

Kruze, a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, comes to RONAStar from IBM, where he spent 5 years as a Principal and Senior Consultant of IBM Global Service’s Integrated Technology Services.  In addition to his skills with technology and problem-solving, Kruze brings over 25 years of experience in sales, sales management and market development to the table, having spent time with such companies as Zenith Data Systems, Xerox, ITT Courier and Serena Software.

“Jack is a valuable asset to the firm,” says GBUCS CEO, Stephen Meade.  “Jack is an expert on large-scale corporate implementation.  We value his years of experience and insights into the integration of IT into practical business functions.”

RONAStar is a value-added asset reallocation software solution, allowing corporations to track, manage and re-deploy unused corporate assets with clicks of a mouse.  By using a web-based platform, RONAStar allows for quick and easy cataloging of individual departments, sub-units and managerial hierarchies, enabling one-click acquisition of assets.

For more information, contact:

Stephen Meade



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