What follows are a smattering of videos through the years. I hope you enjoy them.
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Also, I have a book coming out called “The Tornado Technique and Why Isolation is a Good Thing”. To see the content that’s going to be contained in the chapters, here are a few videos from different presentations. They are on the web site- Isolation Is a Good Thing.


1- I’m a big proponent of networking. However, I find many people don’t know how to properly give an “elevator pitch”. What I’ve learned is it’s not what you do that’s important, it’s what you need. Below is a simple technique that may help you.


2- I’m privileged for the opportunity to speak at different Universities, Companies, and Events. Below was a recent one with the Cinema class at the University of Southern California (USC). This is the full Ten Steps in what I call the “Tornado Technique” This information can be used for networking, building a company, or finding a job. Please enjoy.


3- I started my first real Internet Company in 1996. Why did I start it? Simple; I was going to write another book (yes I wrote several when I was twenty) and I wanted to promote the book via a Web Site. However, I wanted someone to do three things; 1- Build a web site, 2- Process my credit card orders, and 3- Send me a check and mailing labels. Suffice to say (for those of you who remember) that didn’t exist. So I started a company called VirtualSellers.com. Below, is an excerpt from TV.com. What I find funny (other than my boyish looks) is now one really saw how big Ecommerce would be, and two–I was interviewed “before” Jeff Bezos who had that “Book Store” called Amazon.


4- Now, let’s go really old school. I spent six years in financial services. In that capacity we did a lot of sales training, personal growth, and public speaking. Here’s an old video, I was probably 24 or so, and this was given at a National Conference in Atlanta in front of 30,000 people. I guess I learned early on I like public speaking.


5- Our current Project is called MagMo- which stands for a Magazine Moment. It’s a photo sharing tool that enables you to create your own instant mini magazine. Below, is a promo video we put together.


6-Here’s one more video for MagMo. It’s when we did a small launch party at Beverly Hills Porsche.